About The School of Horsemanship

The program is designed to help teach the responsibility for the care of horses and learn riding and work skills.

The responsibility of caring for horses also teaches many other skills. You must be on time for your chores and be responsible to call ahead if you cannot come. We have to provide care 365 days a year, 3 times a day, so there is no acceptance to not show up or forget.  If they are not responsible, we will not let them stay in the program.

All chores are to be done with care and neatness. They must be tidy and replacing tools and tack exactly where you got them. No gates left open or feed room doors or containers left open. The results could be drastic for any such errors. 

Safety is a very important issue also. You must be attentive and responsible or you can easily get injured or have a horse injured, so there is no way we will keep people in the program if they don’t follow all the safety rules.

Learning to ride and handle the horses takes the skills of paying attention, balance, physical fitness and concern for the horse you are riding. We teach the riders to be responsible for their emotions riding and on the ground around the horses. No swearing, anger or negative emotions towards the horses also.

Pricing and breakdown

The course fee is $100. per month, which includes 4 riding lessons a month. The student is required to spend 2.5 hours a week, learning the responsibility of horse care. As well as 2 hours on the same day or different day, set aside for their riding lesson. 

Equine Education

Daily Care of Horses: 

Feeding: Learning proper amounts and different types of feed.

  • How to feed different types of horses for size and work related
  • What and when not to feed a horse

Basic Medical Care: Parasite Control, Fly Control,

  • Wound Treatment, and when to call the Vet
  • Supplies to have on hand
  • Colic and the signs
  • Lameness  and causes and treatment

Proper Foot Care: Demonstrations by farrier

  • Learning proper foot care

Horse Handling :  Proper approaching and haltering a horse

  • Safety handling a horse
  • Dealing with misbehavior on the ground

Grooming:           Tools for grooming and how to use them properly

  • What to look for while grooming a horse
  • Grooming for showing
  • Clipping for showing or pleasure

Horse Equipment: Saddles, different types, purpose of different types of saddles

  • Fitting the saddle to the horse
  • Bits and Biting the horse
  • All the different types of bits and how and when to use them
  • Proper fitting of the bit to the horse
  • Which bit to use for each horse and why

Horseback Riding: Proper saddling of the horse.

  • Mounting  safely
  • Safety in the saddle
  • Proper Equitation
  • Learning different styles of riding
  • Saddle Seat
  • Dressage
  • Western
  • Hunter and Jumper
  • Trial Riding

Stable Management:

  • All about owning or running your own stable.
  • Types of Feeds and Supplies Needed
  • Fencing and Pasture Management
  • Boarding Horses
  • Daily Chores

Wrangler Training:

  • Dealing with the Public around horses
  • Safety First
  • Showing Basic Riding Skills
  • How to make the customer feel safer
  • Proper Group Management
  • Safety on the Ride
Skills to be taught according to your time schedule and instruction required.
Some homework and testing may be required.
Weekly riding instruction required.

About the instructor

 Instructor Nancy Fellows

  • Over 30 years of experience
  • Over 25 years of competition in class A horse shows
  • Many awards in Trail class, Hunter-Jumper, Western Pleasure, Equitation, Side Saddle, Saddle Seat, Native Costume, Halter classes
  • Dressage and Natural Horsemanship have been the main focus for the last 10 years
  • Trained multiple horses in the past 25 years from first rides to qualifying for Regional and National Competitions
  • Trained or rode in clinics  with: Ray Hunt, Jack LeGof, Jeromy Beal, Gerhard Politz, Karen Rohlf, Lilo Fore, Cindy Sydnor, Kari McClain, Mike Osinsky, Marc Ray, Barb Apple, Don Jessop, and many more.
  • Participated in 2 complete series of USDF Instructor/Trainer Workshop Series – Studied for 6 weeks at Parelli Center in Colorado


About the facility

Largest indoor arena in the area for year round lessons!

Large Outdoor Obstacle Course!

Excellent trained school horses or bring your own

Access to lots of places to ride for our monthly boarders & students!

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