Full and Partial Boarding

Starting at $300.00 per month

We have 12 X 10 stalls with 50-foot runs offering 24 hour access to turnout. Also, additional larger daily turnouts. 

Beautiful Private trails access from indoor arena

Ride to the beach for miles of beach riding 

Larger completely enclosed indoor arena than most boarding barns for year round ridding

Round pen with all sand footing

Access to professional ridding lessons School Horses Available.

Automatic waters in stalls & matted stalls. Very little mud all year round, due to natural sand footing. 


Your responsibility as a boarder at Nan-Sea Stables Inc.

  • Grooming , exercising your horse on a regular basis
  • Routine and emergency Vet care.
  • After Vet. Follow up treatment.
  • Worming
  • Scheduling for the Farrier, payments to Nan-Sea Stables in advance for farrier.
  • Mortality, Insurance and Liability insurance for personal injury to others by your horse
  • Stall confinement, not permitted over length of time, unless prescribed by veterinary
  • Equine dentist comes twice per year: appointments available
  • Cleaning up after you and your horse, garbage, hair from grooming, all droppings from your horse in aisle ways and parking area.
  • When leaving the stable all lights off, all doors closed, lock tack rooms, close driveway gate after dark.
  • Walking only down lane to the trails
  • Tack Rooms must be neat and swept
  • Tack Rooms : All items must be in closed containers except those hanging
  • Dogs must remain in your car or on a leash
  • All hoses to be rolled up after use
  • No smoking on our property
  • Riding helmets are suggested and proper footwear is required: Purchase and use of helmets is the responsibility of the rider, not Nan-Sea Stables Inc.
  • No outside riders or horses without prior permission of the management. All riders must sign a ” Waiver of Liability”
  • No riding in barn aisle
  • When riding in opposite directions-pass left shoulder to left shoulder
  • No jumping allowed outside a riding lesson without prior clearance from the management.
  • If you turn your horse loose in the arena you must remain with him. No wall chewing or digging. If the footing is torn up-you must rake it smooth.
  • Close the arena gate while riding
  • Do not borrow equipment without prior permission
  • You are obligated for your lesson when you schedule it. If you need to reschedule the lesson, it needs to be done at least one day in advance. When you cannot make a lesson and you call prior to one hour in advance you will be required to pay one half of the lesson fee. Failure to show for a lesson or call to cancel requires payment of the full lesson fee.